Access Terms

As an Elementor user you recognize that prior to receiving support, you should perform a full backup of your website. Creating a full backup is your responsibility as the website owner and you alone will be accountable for reverting or not reverting any changes made to your website during the troubleshooting process. Click here to learn how to create a backup.

When providing you support services that require access to your website’s WordPress Admin page by Elementor staff, you shall provide Elementor with a one-time (temporary) credential which shall be used for the purpose of provision of the support services. The support services are provided as a part of the Elementor services governed by the Terms of Service. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible to provide Elementor with such credentials in a secure manner and that Elementor shall be in no way responsible for any use made by any third party. You acknowledge that you alone will be responsible to remove these credentials after your issue is resolved by Elementor staff.